• The athletic club is an organization of athletes who have earned a letter in cross-country, football, basketball, wrestling, track, volleyball, or cheerleading. As a member of this organization students will be responsible for assisting in the concession stand during the year.  The money raised in the concession stand is used to purchase equipment and supplies used by the athletes.

    2020-2021 Members:

    Jon Tawzer, Chris Wallace, Mason Bunker, Jennica Weiss

    Dylan Stainbrook, Grace Parry, Hadley Carlson, Ryker Erstad, Dylan Singrey, Erin Haufschild, Caden Letsche, Tanley Goebel

    Tanaya Weiss, Dani Carlson, Jennica Weiss, Natalie Burns, Morgan Larsen

    John Geary, Britt Carlson, Avery Swank, Andrew Tawzer, Adan Bunker, Tommy Bacon, Harley Johnson, Aubree Devries, Catherine Donovan, Dakota Flanery

    2019-2020 Members:

    Gavin Holland, Trevor Larsen, Trey Ramstad, Casey Stegeman, Victoria Donovan, Cecili Carlson, Makayla Nelson, Sydney Mutziger

    Jon Tawzer, Mason Bunker, Jael Lundquist, Jennica Weiss, Jaida Devries, Matthew Steffensen, Dylan Geary

    Ryker Erstad, Dylan Singrey, Kasey Pistulka, Hadley Carlson, Grace Parry, Nate Kersting, 

    Danielle Carlson, Natalie Burns

    President of the Arlington A-Club is Casey Stegeman