All School Play

All-School Play


    In a fairy-tale kingdom obsessed with pop cultue and socil media, fairy godmothers are lawyers and the Three Little Pag-arazzi chase celeberties. But when Cinderella leaves her self-absorbed prince and winds up in jail with an unlikely girl squad, she doesn't just cause a sensation-she starts a revolution. A heartwarming comedy full of clever characters.


    Mother Goose- Grace Parry
    Mama Bear- Hunter Myers
    Goldie- Tessa Nelson
    Mort- John Geary
    Woody- Claudia Campbell
    Strauss- Nicole Steffensen
    Mr. Bell- John Geary
    Cinderella- Jaiden Kruse
    Prince- Caden Letsche
    Boss- Hunter Myers
    Snow White- Ashley Kaufman
    Sleeping Beauty- Katelyn Haulfschild
    Officer Hare- Claudia  Campbell
    Officer Tortoise- Nicole Steffensen
    Rapunzel- Koranna Clelland
    Barbara- Susan Jensen
    Little Mermaid- Katelyn Haulfschild
    Pinocchio- Ashley Kaufman