One act play

    After losing her entire familyin a tornado, Pam, a college sophmore, must embark on an unimaginable journey as she copes with her loss. To seperate herself from her grief, she transfers schools and isolates herself from her fellow students, but these steps do not lessen her sadness and guilt over their deaths. Not until a fellow classmate makes an attempt at conciliation does Pam finally begin to realize that healing doesn't have to be a solitary endeavor. A moving exploration of the difficulty of continuing to live in the wake of great tragedy. 

    Cast (in order of appearance)

    Jaiden Kruse- Pam
    Dylan Stainbrook- Dad, Professor 2
    Susan Jensen- Mom
    Katelyn Haufschild- Sister, Professor 1
    Tessa Nelson- Brother, Priest
    Grace Parry- R.A., Lawyer 1, Professor Karasek, Professor 3
    Koranna Clelland- Dean, Trooper, Lawyer 2, Professor 4
    Caden Letsche- Jim
    Tanaya Weiss- Drummer
    Danielle Carlson- Drummer
    Natalie Burns- Drummer


    Evan Fonseca

    Hunter Meyers
    Thomas Liebsch