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Arlington A-Club

 As a member of this organization, students will be responsible for assisting in the concession stand during the year.  The money raised in the concession stand is used to purchase equipment and supplies used by the athletes. 

Thank you to the following members for being leaders in our school and helping all of our programs.

2022-23 Members:

Boys - 5:
Preston Singrey, Jake Burns, Bryce Heflin, Spencer Heflin, Leilan Farstad

Girls - 20:
Dani Carlson, Tanaya Weiss, Sony Johnson, Elli Vincent, Addie Steffensen, Harley Johnson, Morgan Larsen, Chloe Raw, Natalie Burns, Jada Henriksen, Jodessa Wiehr, Avery Swank, Emma Spilde, Nicole Steffensen, Jaelyn Huntimer, Jordan Spilde, Hailey Miller, Madisen Steffensen, Kaelyn Ulschmid, Madi Bacon

President - Preston Singrey
VP - Leiland Farstad
Sec = Avery Swank